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Kobe 11 Shoes opened the door with a key to the musty smell when the first wave of straight nose,Kobe 10 Shoes frowned, to see the living room was empty, the ground piled some small plastic bags of food, as well as half-eaten and have Liangpi solidified milk, shake off all the furniture on top of a layer of ash.

The sound coming from the direction of the bedroom cough,kobe shoes 2015 is muffled, coughing sound a little weakly.

Kobe 11 Shoes the suitcase down, walked over and opened the door.

Bell is leaning on homework at the table, one side of kobe shoes 2015 down one side dry cough gnawing bread instant noodles, face delicate soft lines, Kobe 10 Shoes revealing a little bit curly hair from the window in the warm glow of the setting sun shone come, like a weak little kitty.

Zhong Ming head silently to the door frame by a "fool."

Called "fool" the clock back to the years,Kobe 11 Shoes would bite instant noodles, bread movements stiff in there, could not believe his eyes revealing light, kobe shoes 2015  was so startled a long time before they stuttered. "sister, Kobe 10 Shoes back. "